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From Spartanburg:

  1. Locate South PINE ST/SC-9/US-176 proceed south towards Union, SC.
  2. Approximately 8 miles outside of the City of Spartanburg, near Pacolet, follow SC-9 to the left off Highway 176.
  3. Proceed towards Jonesville on SC-9 as SC- 9 merges with highway 18 in Jonesville.
  4. After going through Jonesville, go left on SC- 9 toward Lockhart as SC-9 bears left at the islands with yield signs.
  5. In approximately 14 miles SC- 9 runs into Highway 49 in Lockhart. Proceed on SC-9 & 49 for 1/4 of a mile.
  6. As you approach 2 bridges (the first being the canal bridge and the second being the Broad River bridge), turn left between the two bridges onto River St. If you cross both bridges and approach the Texaco gas Station you have gone too far.
  7. After turning onto River St. follow the street back under the bridge and proceed 1 mile to Lockhart Power Company. Follow the signs to the office.