A green future for Union County

By Charles Warner – cwarner@uniondailytimes.com

UNION COUNTY — The story of Union County’s and Lockhart Power’s partnership to harness and harvest the power of the sun and bring the benefits, both environmental and economic, to the people of Union County, began in 2018 when “Project Paris” was announced. Project Paris was the code name given Midway Green Solar, LLC, as it was being developed, a process that included Union Council approving the following incentives for the project:

  • A fee-in-lieu of taxes agreement between the county and Midway Green Solar.
  • Allowing Midway Green Solar to be included in a multi-county industrial park agreement between Union County and Spartanburg County.

These incentives reduced the tax burden on Midway Green Solar which will pay a user fee instead of ad valorem taxes and enabled the counties involved to share in the expenses and the revenues generated by the park. It was during Council’s August 2018 meeting that Supervisor Frank Hart revealed that Project Paris was Midway Green Solar, LLC.