Lockhart Power Company Alerts Customers to Phone Scam

Lockhart Power does not call customers to collect payment over the phone. If customers receive one of these calls demanding payment, they need to immediately hang up and call Lockhart Power directly at 864-545-2211, as well as the Union County Sherriff’s office, to report the crime.

Lockhart Power Company asks all of its customers to be on guard against scam artists that are targeting electric utility customers across the country and threatening to shut off their service based on false claims of overdue bills. Lockhart Power has received several complaints in recent weeks from both residential and business customers about callers claiming to be from the utility. In some cases, the scammers are able to manipulate the caller ID to display Lockhart Power’s phone number. Customers are told they are behind on their bills or that a recent payment was not received. They then demand immediate payment over the phone or the utility will be turned off.