Environmental Sustainability

Lockhart Power is committed to operating its plants and facilities in complete compliance with environmental regulations and in a manner that protects the quality of our environment. More than 99% of Lockhart Power’s power generation is fueled by renewable resources including hydroelectric and landfill gas.

A goal of creating zero waste generation to all elements is achieved by continual improvement in all of our operations. A reduce-reuse-recycle approach is the embodiment of the company’s environmental values.

The design and construction of our 6,600 square foot corporate office building in Lockhart, S.C. exemplifies our environmental commitment in the following ways:

  • It accomplishes three separate functions in one building (company offices, customer service center and company meeting room) to reduce the building’s footprint and associated use of materials and energy
  • Materials from the demolished Excelsior Union Mill are reused, including the wooden beam decorative element in the main entrance
  • Packaging used within the building is recycled
  • The building is powered completely by electricity generated using 100% renewable resources by the adjacent Lockhart Hydroelectric Plant
  • The building’s interior was painted with ECOS paints, a locally manufactured paint that contains no toxic chemicals, VOC’s or solvents, resulting in a healthier working environment and better air quality for our customers and employees
  • High efficiency equipment is used to minimize energy consumption, including HVAC equipment and LED parking lot lighting