General Information

Bills for residential service are due by the 15th day following the date the bill is mailed to our customer.  The account is considered delinquent if the customer fails to make satisfactory payment by the “Due Date” indicated on the bill.  If this occurs, a notice of termination with an expiration date will be immediately issued.  The notice of termination includes the requirements of the Commission’s rule 103-352 as follows:

  • The total amount that is past due
  • The date and amount of last payment
  • The amount required, and date by which the customer must make payment or an arrangement, to avoid disconnection of service
  • The availability of a deferred payment plan including contact information to request such a plan
  • A statement informing customers of the protections afforded to certain customers December through March who provide a medical certificate and certify inability to pay
  • A statement suggesting customers may contact assistance agencies
  • The availability of review by the Office of Regulatory Staff
  • A statement that service to a residential customer who qualifies as a special needs account customer shall only be terminated in accordance with S.C. Code Ann. Section 58272510 et. seq., as amended

If payment is not received nor an arrangement made by the expiration date of the notice, then Lockhart Power Company will begin the process of disconnecting service.  Not more than two business days before the actual disconnection is to take place, the customer will be provided a notice of impending disconnection by either a delivered “door hanger” or a telephone call.  Lockhart Power Company disconnects service during the hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.  Service will not be disconnected the day before any day our main collection office is closed. During certain extreme weather conditions Lockhart Power Company may defer disconnecting customers for nonpayment.

If a customer is under a deferred payment plan and fails to honor the terms of the plan, then service will be terminated within 3 days notice by door hanger or 5 days notice by mail.  Such violation of the terms of the deferred payment plan will result in termination of the plan.  If service is disconnected to a customer under a deferred payment plan, then the entire unpaid balance plus the appropriate reconnect fee must be paid in order to have service restored.

If the Lockhart Power Company representative assigned to physically disconnect the service determines that disconnection of service could be hazardous to the health of a household member, the representative has the authority to waive the disconnection.  If no evidence of any such condition exists, the service is disconnected.  The customer is advised of the actions he/she needs to take in order to have the service reconnected.

If Service is Disconnected

If your electric service is disconnected for non-payment, call Lockhart Power Company at 864-545-2211 or 800-368-1289 to discuss terms for reconnecting your service.  Generally, you will be required to pay a reconnection fee and pay all past due amounts before service can be reconnected.  You may also be required to pay a deposit equal to two months’ electric bills.

Special Needs Customers

Lockhart Power Company codes customer accounts for special handling if the customer’s household is known to include an individual who is chronically or seriously ill, handicapped, or on a life support system, and whose health could be endangered if electric service is terminated.  Customers who contact Lockhart Power Company to request this designation are provided with a “Registration & Certification for Special-Needs Customer” form to be filled out by a licensed health care provider and returned to the Company.  Accounts of customers so identified by the Company receive special review, and the Company attempts to contact such customers verbally prior to disconnection for nonpayment.

Moratorium on Winter Disconnect

During the months of December through March Lockhart Power Company defers termination of service for non-payment if a customer or a member of his/her household provides a copy of Lockhart Power Company’s “Application for Winter Protection Program” signed by a licensed health care provider, certifying that termination of electric service would be dangerous to the health of the person in question, and that the customer is unable to pay the balance of the service account in full or under an installment agreement.  The certificate expires on the thirty-first day from the date of execution, and may be renewed no more than three times for an additional 30-day period each time.

Severe Weather Disconnect

On days when the temperature has been projected by the National Weather Service for the next 24 hour period to be 100 degrees or higher, or when the high temperature is projected to be 32 degrees or lower, Lockhart Power Company voluntarily suspends all disconnections for nonpayment of electric service bills.

Third-Party Notification Program

Lockhart Power Company provides customers the opportunity to designate a third party of the customer’s choice to also receive any notices of termination and final reminder notices, by filling out a “Third-Party Notification Enrollment Form”.