Lockhart, S.C. (April 28, 2019) – Lockhart Power Company has been recognized with two awards for their contributions to economic development in the Upstate of South Carolina. In March, the company was among four organizations named a 2019 Economic Visionary by Spartanburg Community College and at the Union County Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Annual Banquet, Lockhart Power was named Industry of the Year.

Both awards celebrate Lockhart Power’s important role in the Upstate’s economy. The Economic Visionary award highlighted the company’s innovative approach to providing renewable energy to customers and its contributions to the communities it serves. Lockhart Power’s partnerships include supporting a training program at Spartanburg Community College to prepare students to work in the manufacturing industry. The company is elevating that partnership by leading an educational initiative in Union County to create awareness among high school students about local job and training opportunities.

The Union County Chamber of Commerce awarded Lockhart Power with the Industry of the Year award for 2018 in recognition of its long history and contributions to the area. Founded in 1912, Lockhart Power’s impact goes beyond its service to customers. Lockhart Power has helped shape Union’s landscape by supporting economic projects such as the Union County Events Center and partnering with the County to build the Midway Green Spec Building.

“I am humbled and honored that we have been named a 2019 Economic Visionary and the Industry of the Year,” said Bryan Stone, president of Lockhart Power. “For us, our purpose of serving the public goes beyond donating and investing tens of millions of dollars in renewable energy and infrastructure. We invest our time, expertise and money in dozens of community and educational initiatives as well as charitable endeavors which strengthen and sustain our communities. All of our employees are part of these efforts in various ways, and this recognition is greatly appreciated by all of us at Lockhart Power.”