Lockhart Power gives county $200,000

By Charles Warner – cwarner@uniondailytimes.com

UNION COUNTY — What if you had a friend who every year gave you a large amount of money for you to use to make improvements to your home and what if that amount of money got larger every year giving you the means to make even more improvements?

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

In the case of Union County, that friend is the Lockahart Power Company which, beginning in 2001, has made an annual donation to the county for it to use for improvements to the local infrastructure to help facilitate economic development. In 2001, Lockhart Power donated $10,000 to the county, starting a tradition that continued this week when the company made its latest donation to the county. Things, however, have changed a bit since 2001, and, as a result, Lockhart Power did not donate $10,000 this year.