The importance of environmental sustainability

The Earth gives us what we need to create power, so it is our responsibility to operate in a way that is environmentally sustainable. That’s why Lockhart Power has a goal of creating zero waste and using renewable resources.

Did you know that almost all of our power generation is fueled by renewable resources? More than 99 percent of our power comes from hydroelectric power – aka running water – and gasses formed in landfills. Lockhart Power uses naturally occurring energy that does not pollute the environment.

To have healthy communities for our customers, employees, and neighbors, we must do our part to ensure clean air, water, and other natural resources. One way we help ensure healthy communities is by using our resources efficiently to limit our footprint. Our corporate office building in Lockhart, S.C., is a prime example of this concept. The 6,600-square-foot building was constructed with material from the demolished Excelsior Mill and is powered using renewable resources from the nearby hydroelectric plant. From HVAC equipment to parking lot lights, we uwe high-efficiency products.

Using natural resources and limiting our footprint makes good business sense. It saves us money, which we can put into cost-savings for our customers. We can provide income for more people to support their families, and we can give back to local charities that help those in need.

Perhaps more important than anything, though, it’s just the right thing to do. Our planet gives us running water that powers our hydroelectric plants. Why would we want to pollute that water? Lockhart Power knows that only by taking great care of our environment will our environment take great care of us.