What to know about scams

Since 1912, Lockhart Power has been dedicated to providing cost-effective, reliable electric power. Unfortunately, some people use our good name and reputation to scam others out of their hard-earned money. We want you to protect your identity and your money, so here’s what you need to know about some common scams.

Customers have reported receiving calls from Lockhart employees attempting to collect payments. Lockhart Power will never call to collect payment over the phone. Our interactive voice response system will call people with delinquent accounts, but it will never transfer customers to a person or ask for information or money over the phone. 

Several popular scams come via email or text message. You’ll be sent a link to claim a prize, take a survey in exchange for a gift, or pay your bill before your service is disconnected. Most times, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. No legitimate company is going to give you a new iPhone to take a survey. Ignore the message and go to the website of the company appearing to make the offer. If it is legitimate, you will find the offer on legitimate sites.

There are a few obvious signs that an email or text message is a scam:

  • It asks for personal information, such as passwords, bank account numbers, personal information, etc. NEVER give personal information to anyone online.
  • The email or text uses aggressive, threatening language.
  • There are typos and grammar mistakes.
  • The link goes to an address that does not make sense. For example, a text or email threatening to turn off your power unless you pay might come from LockheartPower.com, Lockhart_Power.com, LockhartPowrr.com or another similar variation. Notice that the web address is similar, but it is NOT correct. 

If you ever receive an email or text claiming to be Lockhart Power threatening to turn off your electricity for nonpayment, simply ignore it; we do not do that. If you receive such an email or text, delete it and call Lockhart Power at 1-800-368-1289 or log in and view your account on our website.